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The Canon 5D Mark III Body from £2298.98 - UK stock prices, reviews and vouchers.
I try to only list UK stock suppliers, but you may like to check out Hong Kong based Onestop Digital and DigitalRev.
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The main listing above is meant for new UK stock items - be aware of grey imports if you buy elsewhere, including the following:
You may like to check out Hong Kong based DigitalRev who have the Canon 5D Mark III Body for £1929.00.
Prices at Amazon Marketplace start from £2500.00.
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Canon 5D Mark III Body
Lowest Price History
Best Price History for the Canon 5D Mark III Body
Lowest Price HistoryPriceWhen
Current Lowest Price£2298.9824 Jul 2014
Best Ever Lowest Price£2149.007 May 2014
Camera Price Buster User Reviews
Canon 5D Mark III Body
Average Rating: Excellent 5 star
based on 1 reviews. Click here to add your own review.
Review by Rob Brown on 26th November 2012
Rating: Excellent 5 star
Most reviews conclude that the 5D Mk3 is only marginally improved on Mk 2. Obviously it depends on what you shoot but I realised after having the Mk3 in my hands for only a brief time that this step up was indispensable. Firstly its heavier and feels better built more. It feels, in fact, more like a Nikon. That may be a disadvantage for some. The previous focussing problems of the Mk2 are now corrected. This alone makes it worth having. The shutter sounds very different and the switchgear and ergonomics are much improved as is the obvious weathersealing and there are more locks and failsafes. The HDR function is brilliant and the rating function makes life easier. Not sure how useful the second card slot is yet but there is an overwhelming feel that Canon has thought about every detail and regard the 5D in a similar fashion to VW and their Golf realising that, the devil is in the detail.
Ive had the body for about a week so far and was thinking I could get away with only one upgrade and I could keep the Mk2 as a backup. Already I know that I wont.

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